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Tool Box Covers

Measuring Directions
*all measurements should be in inches
Round to the nearest quarter of an inch using decimals. for 1/4" enter .25 for 1/2" enter .5 for 3/4" enter .75

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if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Or call us via phone (718) 384-6917.

Product Details

  • Leaving your outdoor investments unprotected can lead to serious damage - both structural and aesthetic.

  • Protect your Tool Box unit with our custom-made Tool Box Cover, ideal for climates with low to high sunlight and moderate to high wind gusts, rainfall, and snowfall.

  • Whether you are a professional mechanic, machinist, or professional, you have invested a large sum of money in your tools. They are your path to your profession or passion. Because of the large investment, many want to protect and guard their tools to keep them clean and safe. Part of this protection should be the use of a high-quality tool chest cover.

Why Waterproof toolbox cover?

  • Often the tool chest is exposed to the effects of the workshop environment, be it oil, dust, or chemicals. It is also not unusual to have a tool chest outside and therefore needs protection from the elements. Ultimately, many professionals want to keep their tools clean and well-organized.

  • custom toolbox covers are manufactured and designed to protect your tool chests and boxes from water, weather, or industrial environments. These covers are made from durable soft textured vinyl. They also have an option of a soft lining for extra chest protection. This special material not only looks great and is completely waterproof, but it is also frost-resistant down to -40°C, Mildew, and UV Resistant. Best of all, they are custom-made to the size you need and the features you want. You can also personalize the cover with your logo!

Heavy Duty Triple Laminated Vinyl

  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Mildew Resistant
  • UV Resistant, -20F


Available in a variety of colors (select your color above)

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Green
  • White
  • Grey

Our covers are all custom-made to your given size
Easy Care
Hand Wash only with mild detergent
High Quality

Heavy-Duty, Waterproof, Weatherproof, Mildew resistant

Save Money

Protect items kept outdoors and indoors from rust and other natural damages during winter, dust, dirt,  or when not in use

Extends products lifespan
Save your investment from season to season
Multiple Uses

Suitable for most Toolboxes 

  • Stationary Drawer-Style Toolbox
  • Roll Around Toolbox
  • Roll Around Toolbox with workbench
  • Etc


  • To maintain a snug fit
  • To Secure from winds

  • Velcro Straps On 2 Sides on the mid-height
  • Grommets With Bungee Cord With 2 Hooks on the bottom
  • Grommets With Drawstrings on the bottom
  • Elastic on bottom


For carts, tool boxes, log racks, etc.

  • To get cover quickly on & off
  • To access the front panel without removing the cover

  • Velcro Closures On The 2 Corners.
  • 2 Extra Heavy Duty Zippers On The 2 Front Corners.

Especially for Tool Boxes opening from the top: 
2 Extra Heavy Duty Zippers On The 2 Front Corners Going All The Way Up To The Top Back.
Cliff Durrence

I really enjoy my new custom tool box cover ! It is well made and is just what I wanted.

dino bertini

Received it. Looks great! Thank you

Mitch Richmond

Love the cover!!!! Wish I would have thought a little deeper and ordered it 2” shorter in height. Chest is 32” & cover is 32” so cover rubs the concrete, two inches shorter would have kept the bottom off the ground and provided a little air flow. Anyway all 5hat is on me. Y’all make a great cover at a reasonable price.

Randy Estepe

This cover is amazing. the fit is perfection great material strong zippers

Randy Estepe

This cover is amazing. the fit is perfection great material strong zippers


Marvin Hill

The cover you made for me fit my machinist chest like a glove! I am extremely happy with it as it now sit in my woodshop. No dust can get inside and it looks great. My thanks to your staff and production team.

review review

Tommy Broadway

Awesome product plan on buying additional covers


Linda Conrad

Well made, good material, fits perfectly, works perfectly as a waterproof tool cover, and shipped promptly. .

Jobe Hoffmeister

Very well made cover with double stitching and thick material. The tool box cover it is an exact fit to the dimensions that I had sent in. Once I had sent in the measurements, I was asked to reconfirm by Coverus the measurements they had sent back to me. I found a mistake on my end that I had a typo in the first set of measurements. The entire process was very easy and not at all time consuming.

review review review review

Anthony Racanelli

Excellent customer service. They made a custom 4 sided cover for my box so I don't have to pull the box off the wall every time I want to install or remove the cover. Fit and finish is excellent

review review review

Adam Boyer

I couldn’t be happier. This cover is made to last and is of superior quality, and fits great. I work in a body shop where it gets very dusty at times and this cover keeps my toolbox perfectly safe from it. Coverus has gained a customer for life. I’ll never buy an overpriced Snapon cover again.

review review

Keith Wilder

Perfect fit. Good quality and at a reasonable price.

Thomas Dlouhy

Excellent quality and fit.

Arthur Wolff

Very nice quality. Fit is perfect Zippers work as advertised


Dario Henriquez

Well done. Thanks

Dario Henriquez

Well done. Thanks

Dario Henriquez

Well done. Thanks

Michael Jackson

So glad I chose coverus, exactly how I wanted it. Thank you.

review review review

James Hill

Excellent fit, quality materials, exceptional workmanship.

review review

Eric Rotter

Very nice cover, great service....

Marty Junior

So far. I love everything about it. The only issue which is not an issue for me. But on the back top, it has a wrinkle that was sold in. But I don't care about that. I bought it to cover my balls not to be beautiful. My box is what's beautiful and you're pretty product to keep it beautiful so. I love the thickness of it. I love the color I love the zippers. I have 0 issues with anything about it. Does exactly what I want to do when I want to do it. It keeps all the dust off of my box when I'm not around. And it also Kix my box. Kind of blocked out because of the color so it's not noticeable to the public. That surround my box a lot. I give it a full thumbs up.

William Lilleston

This is the 2nd review I have written. As with the last I am most happy with the cover. My advice to anyone purchasing a cover here is to add 1/8 inch for width and length as the cover is an exact fit of your dimensions and can be a bit difficult to put on.

Jason Muzzarelli

Received my toolbox cover last week. Very happy with the product, fits perfect. Thank you

Paul Nelson

Very pleased with the custom tool box cover. Fits perfectly. Ordering was easy. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a custom tool box cover.


Timothy Dang

Thanks again,, can’t wait to put it on my new toolbox

review review

Paul Nelson

Thanks again for a great product. The fit is great and the finish is professional

review review review review


Hi this is a great fit, I am totally pleased with it! I have another tool box, I will be sending in the dimensions soo. it is a smaller box, but like the covers, I have wanted to have it for a long time! thank you steve hansen


Great cover. Fits very well. I wish it was a matte finish and not shiny. If I had the option for matte finish, I didn’t see it. Very easy to order and make changes that are updated, real time, using the website.

Kale Bukoskey

100% will buy again when I need another custom cover. 10/10 quality. 10/10 fit. 10/10 for delivery. One of the best items I've bought online with a great turnout. 10/10 would recommend.

Kale Bukoskey

100% will buy again when I need another custom cover. 10/10 quality. 10/10 fit. 10/10 for delivery. One of the best items I've bought online with a great turnout. 10/10 would recommend.

review review

Randy Hensley

I couldn’t be more happy! The cover I ordered is just what I needed. For a custom toolbox cover, you can’t beat the price. It fits my box perfectly! The customer service is top-notch as well. We went back and forth over email making sure my cover was exactly the way I needed it, and it turned out that way! Everyone I talked to was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Coverus to anyone looking for a high-quality piece of craftsmanship!!


Best deal and best service I would recommend everyone who needs a vinyl cover to go to Thanks again we are very happy with the toolbox cover

Mark Whittemore

Very happy with the quality of the product! Excellent job, thanks


Richard Butler

Just received the new cover today and it fits perfectly. Thanks a lot and best regards Rich :)))

Marc curley

Tool box cover looks great! A little baggie but I remember you did mention it's better to have an extra 2 inches instead of too tight. I'm a very happy customer thank you very much!

Ray Mooney

My toolbox cover arrived today. I am impressed. The vinyl is heavy duty

Dewitt Baker

The cover is perfect! Please make (one) black one too. Thanks


The cover fit great thanks !

George Rapaich

I got the cover today.I just wanted to let you know that I was VERY satisfied with the results and appreciate all of your help with getting the measurements right.

Gary Pichini

received the cover yesterday and it is very nice.


Excellent service. Gets delivered before it ships

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