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Fire Pit Covers

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Product detail

Square/Rectangle/round Fire Pit Covers       

Once you've purchased a high-quality fire pit it's time to think about the best way to care for it so that it stays in top condition for many years. One of the most reliable ways to keep your outdoor fire function working well for longer is to protect it with a durable custom fire pit covers to keep out rain, snow, and dirt when not in use.


We've combed the industry to select the best of outdoor products, including the best custom fire pit covers on the market. Whether you need a square, rectangular, or round fire pit cover, has what you're looking for custom made to your size! 

Why Buy a Fireplace Cover?

While high-quality fire pits are built with durable, all-weather materials like stainless steel and fiberglass reinforced concrete, it's still recommended to use a cover to keep them in serviceable condition. Customers who purchase a quality covers for fire pits from typically do so for the following reasons:


The best fire extinguishers on the market today often include electronic ignition components. Keeping your fire pit covered when not in use goes a long way to ensuring that these electronic components can stay functional longer, saving you money and improving your overall experience.


While many retailers sell fire pit covers, not all are created equal. Because we have a collection of only the best on the market, you can be sure that the fire pit cover purchased from will be made from material that will stand the test of time.

Aesthetics – 

In addition to protecting your fire pit, our selection of covers can also provide an attractive look and a way to elevate your patio. Thanks to their quality craftsmanship, the overall look of your outdoor space will not suffer when the fire pit is covered.


Leaving your outdoor investments unprotected can lead to serious damage - both structural and aesthetic; Protect your Fire Pit unit with our custom-made Fire Pit Cover, ideal for climates with low to high sunlight and moderate to high wind gusts, rainfall, and snowfall.



Heavy Duty Triple Laminated Vinyl

  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Mildew Resistant
  • UV Resistant, -20F


Available in a variety of colors (select your color above)

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Green
  • White
  • Grey

Our covers are all custom-made to your given size
Easy Care
Hand Wash only with mild detergent
High Quality

Heavy-Duty, Waterproof, Weatherproof, Mildew resistant

Save Money

Protect items kept outdoors from rust and other natural damages during winter or when not in use.

Extends products lifespan
Save your investment from season to season
Multiple Uses

Suitable for most Firepits

  • Wooden Burning Fire Pits
  • Gel Fuel fire pits
  • Propane fire pits
  • Natural gas fire pits


  • To maintain a snug fit
  • To Secure from winds

  • Velcro Straps On 2 Sides on the mid-height
  • Grommets With Bungee Cord With 2 Hooks on the bottom
  • Grommets With Drawstrings on the bottom
  • Elastic on bottom


For carts, tool boxes, log racks, etc.

  • To get cover quickly on & off
  • To access the front panel without removing the cover

  • Velcro Closures On The 2 Corners.
  • 2 Extra Heavy Duty Zippers On The 2 Front Corners.

Especially for Tool Boxes opening from the top: 
2 Extra Heavy Duty Zippers On The 2 Front Corners Going All The Way Up To The Top Back.
Esmael Adel

Debra Myers

Coverus made a custom sized cover for our fire table that has a windscreen, cover is well made with heavy duty fabric and fits perfectly, should last a very long time. Thank you Coverus!



Abe is the best! PERFECT WORK every time!

John Winans

Fire pit cover , fits perfectly


Joseph Biron

Hello, I just wanted to say that my firepit cover arrived today and I could not be more pleased. It is exceptionally sturdy, seems incredibly durable and heavyweight. It also fits perfectly. Thank you.

review review

Jay Pellillo

Hey, quality cover! It did come up a little over one inch short height wise. I measured vertically according to the diagram you sent for input but apparently the build of the cover did not compensate the angle of the chimney flue and resulting loss of fabric usage. Nice fit!


David Perlmutter

Just got the new cover .... Fits like a glove and looks beautiful ! ! Thanks for a job well done and speedy too. Take care, stay healthy, keep in touch. Thanks again.


Jonathan Brown

Love the covers! Thank you!!! Great product.

Patrick Adonizio

Hello Abe, I promised a picture of the custom cover you made for our fire pit. Here it is. It's the best cover I've ever seen. It's rare that someone exceeds expectations these days, you did it. Thank you for that.


Cliff Strickland

Attractive cover with very durable feeling material, superior construction and a nice fit…Thanks for a great cover!

review review

Clifford Vaught

It looks awesome! Thank you!


Mac Stacks

Great customer service!!! I will recommend to my friends.

Sherry Metheny

I received my fire pit cover today. It fits perfect! Very impressed with how heavy duty it is as well. Thank you!


Vijai Mohan

Nice product. Works great. Thank you!

Bill Philby

I love it!


Mark Dewald

here is a picture of the fire pit cover you made!!


Richard Bischoff

My cover arrived today. I had not idea it would be so nice.


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