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Rectangular Cover

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Leaving your outdoor investments unprotected can lead to serious damage - both structural and aesthetic;

Protect your RECTANGULAR ITEM with our custom-made RECTANGLE cover, ideal for climates with low to high sunlight and moderate to high wind gusts, rainfall, and snowfall.

Product Title: 

Best Quality Heavy-Duty Waterproof Rectangular Cover - Patio Furniture Covers

About Product:

Material: Triple laminated Heavy duty vinyl.

Color: Any Color 

Shape: Rectangular  

Product Care Instruction: Dry Clean Only

Product Description:

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Rectangular Cover fits any size or shape.

100% Waterproof and Dust-proof Rectangular Outdoor Cover.

Available in various fabrics and colors.

Multiple fabrics available to fit your needs.

Tailor-made Cover with various tie-downs options.

Tough enough to keep rain, hail, snow, dust, leaves and bird droppings away

Covers are waterproof, UV and Mildew Resistant, -20F.
Custom Made Rectangle Cover  

High-quality square/rectangular residential and commercial smoker covers, perfect for patio smokers, backyard smokers, indoor smokers, outdoor smokers, and poolside smokers. There's nothing like an outdoor lunch or dinner, but the smoker needs to be covered to keep it from getting dirty. But keeping a smoker outside can be challenging. 

To cover us, we've risen to the challenge with our outdoor smoker covers that withstand the elements all year round. Unlike retail covers from big box stores, Cover us Custom-made Rectangle covers are durable and built for "YEARS" of use! We have a guarantee that we stand behind this claim, and you cannot get this guarantee from a dealer.

Custom Perfect Fit outdoor covers with long-lasting protection Waterproof Rectangle Cover:

Is your property not listed in our coverage categories? Do not worry! We create custom square/rectangular-shaped covers perfect for your needs. Our custom covers provide long-term protection against damage from weather, water, and dust. They are made of materials resistant to UV radiation and tearing. Protect your property with our custom patio covers.

Using our online measuring tool, you can easily measure and enter the dimensions of the cover you want. Our custom square/rectangular sizing ensures a perfect fit every time. Our custom attachment options offer extra protection and ensure the covers don't come loose when high winds blow. You can choose to add elastic, drawstrings, buckles, or velcro to your covers. With air pockets installed, we allow ventilation to protect your property against mold and mildew.

Features Waterproof Rectangle Cover :

Our covers can also be customized with different colors. We offer a wide range of color options to choose from, including burgundy, red, blue, coffee, brown and black. Complete your outdoor space with your own colorful covers.

Our covers are custom-made with high-quality stitching and materials that outperform any cheap vinyl cover. With our custom covers, we bring complete satisfaction in terms of product and price. These covers are ideal for machines, outdoor furniture, saunas, gyms and playground equipment.

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