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Forklift Covers

Kindly upload a detailed sketch/drawing of your forklift with all the measurements needed for your cover so we can get an estimate price for you.

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Protect your FORKLIFT with our custom-made FORKLIFT cover, ideal for climates with low to high sunlight and moderate to high wind gusts, rainfall, and snowfall.

Material: Triple laminated Heavy duty vinyl.

Covers are waterproof, UV and Mildew Resistant, -20F.

Forklift Covers    

We specialize in getting the right forklift cover for your needs. We offer a wide range of covers made from the most durable materials. Cover us Forklift Covers carries industry-leading cover brands such as Atrium, Solarcap, Forkshield, and Fork-Stor.

All our products are designed to improve the working conditions of your operators and protect your equipment. We have the right products for you to protect operators from cold, wind, rain, dust, or even sunlight and harmful UV rays.

Highly durable forklift roof covers  made of 100% water and dust-resistant fabric:

  • Are you tired of using unreliable plastic tarps to protect your forklift from unpredictable weather conditions? Covers & All is here to solve your problem with our custom-made, inventive, and easy-to-use covers. Our forklift covers are 100% waterproof, and built to protect your forklift from heat, water, dust, UV, damage, and other external elements.

  • Designed to withstand mild weather conditions, our heavy-duty forklift covers are made from premium fabrics such as Cover Max, Cover Rite, and Cover. High-quality polyester is coated with 1000 Denier PVC. Ideal for forklifts, forklift cabs, and industrial and automotive vehicles.

  • Our maximum upholstery and ceremonial upholstery fabrics are guaranteed for three years, while tufa upholstery is guaranteed for five years. We offer a variety of dimension sizes along with the option to choose the fabric of your choice. We also allow you to adjust the height according to the size of your forklift. In addition, you get additional freedom for easy sliding in and out.

  • Our cover is designed to maintain 100% UV resistance and withstand mild weather conditions. Air vents prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Together, these features ensure a longer life for the forklift and its cover and shield against premature damage from all environmental conditions.

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