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Smoker Covers

Kindly upload a detailed sketch of your SMOKER with all the measurements needed for your cover so we can better assist you with ordering your cover.

Measuring Directions
*all measurements should be in inches
Round to the nearest quarter of an inch using decimals. for 1/4" enter .25 for 1/2" enter .5 for 3/4" enter .75

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Smoker covers protect your investment from elements, unwanted dirt, and dust. Find your grill the same way you left it after the last use. 

Extend the life of your grill by ordering this custom-made cover.

Covering a Smoke Detector     

At Cover us we offer a variety of fire alarm accessories such as this dust/paint cover for smoke and heat detectors. This cover is the perfect solution for covering smoke detectors and heat detectors from dust and dirt during construction, renovation, or decoration work. 

Simply place the cover over the detector to prevent dust damage. After cleaning the area, remove the cover. This will ensure that your system is always in proper working order, so order today and we'll ship it to you in no time.

Covers for Smoke Detectors:

Fortunately, Cover us has a solution for these needs. We offer commercial smoke detector dust covers that are easy to install and work great; they will immediately pay for themselves as you extend the life and improve the efficiency of your smoke detectors.

They work much like a poncho when you're out at a ball game. When it starts raining, you put on a poncho so the actual clothes you're wearing don't get wet. You simply wrap your smoke detectors in these covers and like a poncho that keeps the rain out while keeping you dry, the covers keep dirt, dust, and other debris from adversely affecting your smoke detector.

Cover us smoke detector dust covers are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee masterbuilt smoker covers!

Choose from a wide range of smoke detector dust covers at competitive prices. Plus, most of our high-quality smoke alarm dust covers are in stock and ready to ship today. There are no products matching your selection.

Plus, Cover us offers great products at great prices with our usual fantastic personal service and no guesswork guarantee on every order you place. If you are interested in a smoke alarm dust cover or many other useful products, you will find them right here!

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