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Chest Covers

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Protect your CHEST with our custom-made CHEST cover, ideal for climates with low to high sunlight and moderate to high wind gusts, rainfall, and snowfall.

Material: Triple laminated Heavy duty vinyl.

Covers are waterproof, UV and Mildew Resistant, -20F.

Chest Covers     

You've purchased an elegant storage chest to tidy up and store important items from your backyard. However, your property is at risk of damage if no protective shield covers your storage area. Our covers provide complete protection from the outdoor elements for all your stored items from cushions to accessories. We offer the ultimate in customization with our waterproof and weather-resistant cushion covers.

Custom Chest Covers  with full protection

Our covers fit any shaped/sized storage chest. Using our online measuring tool, you can easily measure and upload the required dimensions of your cover. Our customizable pillowcase size options ensure a perfect fit for your chest. We provide UV and tear-resistant covers to prevent your covers from fading and tearing. You can choose from three weather-specific fabric variants - Cover Max, Cover Fab, and Cover tuff to suit your needs. Our covers are sewn seams to prevent leaks. Your possessions will stay protected and bone dry with our cushion storage covers.

Easy maintenance Storage covers for chests with the possibility of attachment waterproof Chest Covers

  • Our covers are customized to suit your personal preferences and make them comfortable to use. Our covers come with access handles for easy removal and cleaning.

  • Our covers come with several mounting options. 

  • Our binding accessories will seal your storage space and allow for ventilation, preventing mold and mildew from forming on your chest. 

  • Binding options include a drawstring, elastic band for a secure fit under the chest, and press studs to secure the legs and zippers.

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